The History of Famous Reader

Who is Famous Reader? Famous Reader is a woman who adores books and always has. She is a parent who loved reading books to her son as he grew up (and sometimes still gets to read to him). She is a third grade teacher who has spent the last ten years sharing hundreds of books with her students.

When Famous Reader’s son was in preschool, she was just a parent who loved to read to children and asked if she could come share the power of good books with the two- and three-year-old students in her son’s class. Every week, she arrived with a handful of books, usually related by a theme, and read them aloud with lots of voices and expression. Each year, this parent who was passionate about books, returned to the classroom, asking his new teachers to give her some time to read to the children. Then came the move to elementary school, and first grade. The students were so happy to have this weekly read aloud, that they soon bestowed a special nickname on this parent who read for the love of it. They dubbed her, Famous Reader. She had become a celebrity with these first graders!

~~~~> Jump ahead to present day. My 20-year-old son tells me that he has friends who still refer to me as Famous Reader. It is remarkable to think that the time spent reading aloud to a first grade class (and other classes) still sticks with these young adults, but I know that the time that my fifth grade teacher, Mr. Coleman, spent reading to our class still sticks with me. Today, my reading audience, my third grade class, calls me Mrs. Eckstein, but the seeds of becoming a teacher lie in the roots of the reading I did as Famous Reader. It was through those read alouds that I discovered my true passion for the critical importance of literacy and my tremendous desire to teach.

Through this website and my blog, I will extend my mission to share the value of a good book and a read aloud, and the impact that it has on growing readers.